Make the Most of Your Community

See what our local cafe is doing for Muskegon Heights, MI

The Us Cafe is more than just your neighborhood coffee shop. We're a hub for community members, business owners and local organizations to come together for the greater good.

You'll feel right at home in our local cafe, surrounded by great food, inspiring leaders and a plethora of support. No matter what challenges you're facing or what cause you're fighting for, you can find a community to back you up right here in Muskegon Heights, MI.

The cafe

You'll find more than just a quick pick-me-up at our coffee shop. We partner with an awesome local chef and vendors to provide you with the freshest, tastiest treats in the area. Visit "Us" today to enjoy:

We're proud to support small businesses in our community, and you will be too. Start your day with delicious breakfast food and a chat with the locals.

The organization

The Us Cafe has teamed up with Overcoming Barriers Inc to provide much-needed support throughout Muskegon Heights, MI. Together, we host local cafe events and support groups for everyone in our community. Whether you're learning to live with a disability or starting your own business, you can find the helping hand you need to grow and thrive.

Call now to learn more about our local cafe and nonprofit organization.