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Life is sure to throw you a curveball now and then, but you don't have to let those challenges hold you back. Overcoming Barriers Inc offers the disability support you need to thrive in any situation.

Join us at The Us Cafe in Muskegon Heights, MI to take advantage of our nonprofit programs and support groups. We meet regularly to help people with disabilities find happiness in their homes, personal relationships and community.

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Adapt to living with a disability

Overcoming Barriers Inc strives to make life a little more accessible for those with disabilities. If you or a loved one is learning to adapt to a new way of living, our nonprofit programs can help through:

Adult foster care

Our single-family adult foster home offers male residents 24-hour care in a family-type setting. You'll get assistance with daily living activities that present difficulties while maintaining as much independence as possible.

Independent living

The Independent Living Program offers the opportunity to live in a community environment with access to vocational, educational and recreational programs. You'll get individualized support plans and schedules that fit your needs based on your degree of independence.


The Skill-Building Program seeks to enrich, encourage and enhance your skill levels through meaningful activities. You'll use the community as a learning tool while building relationships and developing your soft skills.